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Several hundred disarticulated dinosaur bones have been recovered from a large quarry at Wulaga (Heilongjiang Province, China), in the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Yuliangze Formation. The Wulaga quarry can be regarded as a monodominant bonebed: more than 80% of the bones belong to a new lambeosaurine hadrosaurid, Sahaliyania elunchunorum gen. et sp. nov. This taxon is characterised by long and slender paroccip ... Read more »
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Recent discoveries and analyses have drawn increased attention to Ceratosauria, a taxonomically and morphologically diverse group of basal theropods. By the time of its first appearance in the Late Jurassic, the group was probably globally distributed. This pattern eventually gave way to a primarily Gondwanan distribution by the Late Cretaceous. Ceratosaurs are one of several focal groups for studies of Cretaceous ... Read more »
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The “ethmoid complex” is an enigmatic element of the anterior portion of the braincase first described in Tyrannosaurus rex in 1912, which has since been recognized in many non-avian theropods. Because the “ethmoid complex” is a landmark for the reconstruction of the olfactory apparatus of non-avian theropods, we clarify the homology of this structure among archosaurs. The “ethmoid complex” consists of a trough-sha ... Read more »
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A new eusuchian skull from the Maastrichtian locality of Oarda de Jos in the southwestern Transylvanian Basin of Romania represents the best-preserved known specimen of Allodaposuchus precedens Nopcsa, 1928. This new fossil allows us to clearly characterize the skull morphology of A. precedens and to reject the idea, as recently suggested, that the taxon could be considered a nomen dubium. Parsimony analysis confir ... Read more »
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Madagascar has a diverse but mainly endemic frog fauna, the biogeographic history of which has generated intense debate, fueled by recent molecular phylogenetic analyses and the near absence of a fossil record. Here, we describe a recently discovered Late Cretaceous anuran that differs strikingly in size and morphology from extant Malagasy taxa and is unrelated either to them or to the predicted occupants of the Ma ... Read more »
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