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A new dromaeosaurid dinosaur—Velociraptor osmolskae n. sp.—is described on the basis of associated paired maxillae and a left lacrimal discovered in Campanian (Upper Cretaceous) deposits at Bayan Mandahu (Inner Mongolia, P. R. China). The maxilla of this new taxon is characterized by its long rostral plate and its enlarged, teardrop-shaped promaxillary fenestra, which is as large as the maxillary fenestra. The teet ... Read more »
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Skeletal remains of dinosaurs from Chile are rare, unlike the ichnological record, which includes sauropods, theropods, and ornithopods, mostly from the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous. The first record of dinosaur bone in this country—a few remains of a titanosaur
sauropod from the Upper Cretaceous of the Fourth (IV) Región—was reported by Casamiquela et al. (1969). Since then, the reported materials have been ... Read more »
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New specimens of the traversodontid cynodont Menadon besairiei from the Middle/Late Triassic ‘Isalo II’ beds of southwestern Madagascar are described. The new specimens include a skull and the first postcranial material described for this taxon. Although the referred skull differs from the holotype of M. besairiei in some regards, these differences are interpreted as intraspecific variation and preservational artif ... Read more »
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Several teeth with ceratosaurid affinities from the Tacuarembó Formation (Kimmeridgian–Hautevirian) of Uruguay (South America) are reported herein. The most diagnostic specimen is a small rostral crown (probably the first or second left premaxillary crown), the most conspicuous features of which are the presence of several, well-marked
longitudinal grooves on the lingual face and the absence of mesial denticles. ... Read more »
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A gavialoid crocodylian from the Maastrichtian of the Oulad Abdoun phosphatic Basin (Morocco) is described, representing the oldest known crocodylian from Africa. The specimen consists of a skull that exhibits several features not found in other gavialoids, and a new genus and species is erected, Ocepesuchus eoafricanus. A phylogenetic
analysis has been conducted including 201 characters and 71 taxa, where Ocepe ... Read more »
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New material of the fossil crocodyliform taxon Mahajangasuchus insignis from the Upper Cretaceous Maevarano Formation is described. The holotype lacked cranial remains but the new material includes an almost complete skull as well as at least two additional partial skulls. These new specimens add important information and allow us to diagnose Mahajangasuchus insignis as a derived mesoeucrocodylian crocodyliform dis ... Read more »
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