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A partial but largely articulated skeleton of a ‘rauisuchian’ archosaur from Late Upper Triassic strata of the Durham sub-basin, Deep River basin, Newark Supergroup, North Carolina, represents a new species of Postosuchus Chatterjee, 1985. It represents the first record of this taxon from eastern North America. The well preserved specimen includes cranial bones, a largely articulated right manus, right and left ped ... Read more »
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Aspects of the cranial and postcranial anatomy are presented for a new specimen of the Upper Cretaceous Gondwanan snake, Dinilysia patagonica Woodward, 1901, collected near Paso Cordoba, Rio Negro Province, Argentina, during the field season of 2001. The specimen preserves important features of the dentary and postdentary bones (in particular the coronoid and compound bone), the quadrate, and the ventral surface of ... Read more »
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A new species of the basal tylosaurine mosasaur Taniwhasaurus, is described from materials collected from upper Santonian-lower Campanian marine clastics outcropping near Mikasa City, Island of Hokkaido, Japan. The type species, Taniwhasaurus oweni Hector, 1874, was originally described from a partial frontal and right and left dentaries collected from the middle Campanian, Conway Siltstone Formation at Haumuri Blu ... Read more »
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