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A new mamenchisaurid dinosaur, Eomamenchisaurus yuanmouensis gen et sp. nov. is
erected based on an incomplete skeleton from the Zhanghe Formation, the Middle Jurassic of Yuanmou, Yunnan Province. The new taxon is characterized by absence of pleurocoels in dorsal vertebrae and the dorsal verterbrae with slightly convex anterior articular surfaces, moderately concave posterior articular surfaces; the fourth troch ... Read more »
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A new species, Camptosaurus aphanoecetes, is named for a partial skeleton of ornithopod dinosaur from the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) of Dinosaur National Monument, Utah. The specimen was originally described as Camptosaurus medius Marsh, 1894, and later referred to Camptosaurus dispar (Marsh, 1879). Comparison of the specimen with a large sample of C. dispar from Quarry 13 shows differences in the proporti ... Read more »
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The largest known flying organisms are the azhdarchid pterosaurs, a pterodactyloid clade previously diagnosed by the characters of their extremely elongate middle- series cervical vertebrae. The named species of the Azhdarchidae are from the Late Cretaceous. However, isolated mid-cervical vertebrae with similar dimensions and characters have been referred to this group that date back to the Late Jurassic, implying ... Read more »
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