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Main » 2008 » July » 9 » Dinosaurs and dunes! Sedimentology and paleontology of the Mesozoic in the Valley of Fire State Park
Dinosaurs and dunes! Sedimentology and paleontology of the Mesozoic in the Valley of Fire State Park
This field trip covers sedimentological and paleontological research being conducted
on the Jurassic Aztec Sandstone and Lower Cretaceous Willow Tank Formation in Valley of Fire State Park. Valley of Fire State Park is located in southern Nevada, just outside of the town of Overton. The Jurassic Aztec Sandstone is equivalent to the Navajo and Nugget Sandstones; these formations together record an aerially large erg complex along the western margin of North America during the time of deposition. Invertebrate and vertebrate ichnofossils are not uncommon in portions of these Jurassic formations.
The Willow Tank Formation is composed of the deposits of both a braided and anastomosed fl uvial system. This system drained off the paleohigh of the Sevier fold and thrust front to the west, during Early Cretaceous time. Recently a diverse vertebrate assemblage has been discovered from this formation. The fauna of the Willow Tank Formation are similar to other Early Cretaceous faunas from western North America. The vertebrate remains recovered include three taxa of fi sh, three to four taxa of turtle, crocodilian, iguanodontian, thyreophoran, dromaeosaur, tyrannosauroid, two theropod ootaxa, and a titanosauriform. In addition to the vertebrate elements, two fern morphotypes have been found. Through the course of this fi eld trip participants will see extensive exposures of Aztec Sandstone, including vertebrate ichnofossils. Participants will also hike to vertebrate bearing beds of the Willow Tank Formation.

(A) Dromaeosaur femur. (B) Thyreophoran tooth. (C) Iguanodontian pubis. (D) Fern morphotype 1. (E) Fern morphotype 2.

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