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A new oviraptorosaur, Similicaudipteryx yixianensis gen. et sp. nov. is described from the Jiufotang Formation (120 Ma) of the Jehol Group in western Liaoning, China, which is referred to the Caudipteridae based on a dagger-like pygostyle and the shape of the ilium that are most similar to those of Caudipteryx. It differs from other oviraptorosaurids in that the ratio of pubis to ilium length is 1. 46 and the presence of two large and deep hypapophyses on dorsal vertebrae. The known caudipterids have previously been found only from the Jianshangou Member of the Yixian Formation (125 Ma) of the Sihetun area in Liaoning Province. S. yixianensis represents the first caudipterid dinosaur from th ... Read more »
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Cretaceous polar dinosaur faunas were taxonomically diverse, which suggests varied strategies for coping with the climatic stress of high latitudes. Some polar dinosaurs, particularly larger taxa such as the duckbill Edmontosaurus Lambe, 1917, were biomechanically and energetically capable of migrating over long distances, up to 2600 km.
However, current evidence strongly suggests many polar dinosaurs (including sauropods, large and small theropods, and ankylosaurs of New Zealand) overwintered in preference to migration. Certain groups also appear more predisposed to overwintering based on their physical inability (related to biomechanics, natural history, or absolute size) to migrate, su ... Read more »
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